Hand Simulator 2

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3.9 stars

How challenging can it be to work with your hands? Complicated art-class stuff aside, do thing like pouring yourself a cup of coffee or buttoning your coat typically give you a lot of trouble in daily life? They will in Hand Simulator 2! While it’s all about hands, the controls are far from being handy. Each tiny movement requires a different combination of buttons to push, so the first few minutes (or maybe even hours) it’s probably going to be all about failing and swearing. Suddenly the simplest routine will seem like a weight you can’t lift. And that’s only a beginning! When you feel more or less accustomed to the loony mechanics of your virtual hands, you’ll get to be challenged with some real missions and also multiplayer contests where you have to do things fast and neat to turn out a winner. The scenarios are never-ending and so is the fun!

The number of stuff you can do in this game is simply stunning. There are tasks involving all possible activities, from something as habitual as decorating a Christmas tree to something as exotic as milking a cow. Coordinating the movements of your fingers to perform all the subtle operations won’t be an easy quest for you to go with, but skills come with practice and the more time you spend in the game the better you’ll get at swishing and clenching those disobedient hands clumsily groping all over the screen. And when it finally comes to a cowboy duel where you need to pull you your gun promptly, give it a quick load and shoot straight through your rival’s head, you’ll be able to put up if not fantastic, then at least a decent show. There are even more missions and opportunities for you to check out in Hand Simulator 2. Discover this amazing experience online and you’ll never be able to think of your own hands like before again!

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