Hand Simulator Survival

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Imagine yourself stranded on an uninhabited island. You’re all alone here, there is not a soul around. You walk down the shoreline and see no ship that can rescue you. The wild jungle ahead looks threatening, there must be plenty of dangerous animals in there. Plus you’re getting hot and parched and all the insects flying over your head are starting to annoy you. Soon, night will fall and you still have no food and no shelter to wait it out. What are you going to do? It’s time to stop getting depressed, pull yourself together and take care of your own survival! But don’t expect it to be easy since you only have two bare hands for that purpose… and those hands don’t listen to you very well.

So your first task as a survivor is to get the hang of the controls. They are very tricky in this game – each part of your hands moves separately and you need to push another button for each tiny movement. Learning to handle it is a challenge, especially if you’re pressed for urgency. Some of the things around the island should be done as quickly as possible or you can be left with nothing to drink, eat and no protection against the predators. It’s up to you to find all the needed resources and combine them into useful objects. With your awkward hands, you are going to build a house where you can feel more or less safe, create all kinds of tools you need for more subtle operations and also some weapons to defend yourself.

Life in the wilderness is daring and you’ll feel it from the first minutes of the gameplay. There is a great number of challenges and dangers you have to overcome. And all of this should be done with nothing but those virtual palms and fingers. At first, you’ll be going out of your mind failing at the simplest stuff. But over time, you’ll learn to cope with manipulations that would seem tough even in real life. After all, nobody can make sure you survive on this island except you. And with the right approach, your survival can turn into a glorious adventure! There will be new missions assigned to you every day, so there is not a single chance you’ll get bored. Successful attempts and cool achievements will be your reward for trying that hard. After you play Hand Simulator: Survival for a few hours, suffering a real ship wreck and being thrown out to some wild shore won’t seem so hopeless to you! Because you’ll already know what to do and, more importantly, how to do it. So let your ultimate hand quest begin!

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