Hand Simulator

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Hand Simulator is not exactly a game. Today it’s called ‘experience.’ There is no gameplay as such, just a set of short scenes where you’ll have only one real enemy (or rather two) – your own hands. And they’ll drive you crazy! The point of the game is simple – you have to perform some basic manipulations that become unbearably challenging because of the overly subtle controls over a pair of virtual hands. There is a separate button to move every finger. Twisting your wrist is more complicated than racing stunt missions. Plus you constantly need to switch between right and left. Under circumstances like these, trying something as simple as decorating a Christmas tree or even just loading the gun turns into a quest that’s almost impossible to complete. In a minute, you’ll start getting infuriated, in five minutes you’ll be totally hating the game and in fifteen you’ll be laughing and wanting to play more.

Yes, this is a bit silly, but it’s highly addictive. Especially if you try multiplayer which is the heart and soul of Hand Simulator – there are even more scenes for online. And of course, you’d better play with friends, although it can be just as much fun with random people. It’s pointless to describe the whole madness going on there – you just need to see it once with your own eyes. Efforts to milk a cow or twirl a spinner, shootouts over a poker table, fights of shell-shocked vikings and much more are in here to offer you an unforgettable pastime. This is a generator of funny and foolish situations and that’s what makes it so amazing. You can’t even imagine what might happen next time. To get a more or less clear idea, just read a few comments from those who already played Hand Simulator. You can come across situations when, instead of shooting, someone throws a pistol at you and, trying to catch it, you accidentally hit on the trigger and shoot one of the players. You can quickly collect dozens of stories like that of your own to tell to your friends! Just launch Hand Simulator online and see how well you can manage those virtual hands of yours!

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